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I personally own and regularly use a Back to Basics Grain Mill, also known as a Victorio Hand Grain Mill. We bought this grain mill at a Monday night auction.  This kind of auction is where anything can and will show up for sale, used car parts to antique furniture.  It looked quite unassuming on the table, there in its box.  My wife, who loves to make tons of fresh bread during the cool months, gives me a prompt to make a bid.  One dollar was the opening and we cinched the deal at five.  What a deal we got ourselves.  The next thing I know we are on our way to see my Mom the next weekend in Kansas.  We go thru a small Amish town called Yoder.  We stopped and bought 25 pounds of hard red wheat.  We could not restrain ourselves and also bought 20 pounds of rye.  Well, we were in the flour making business, so to speak.  We got home and the first night we could we ground some wheat into flour. The same night we made some bread. 

The Victorio mill is a straight forward, easy working, grain grinding machine.  It is a little work horse.  All a person needs is a place to clamp this manual grain mill to and crank away.  This is also good training for arm wrestling, or pulling weeds in the garden.  This is a mill made of machined aluminum.  I believe there are six pieces to the complete machine. The grinding process is accomplished by cutting burrs.  The consistencies for flour are determined by loosening or tightening a screw that attaches to the crank.  There are a few plastic pieces to the mill.  However, I believe they work just fine. 

I do believe the Back to basics or Victorio hand grain mill would be a welcome addition to anyone understanding the benefits of fresh home milled flour.  Yes, it does take some effort to use and it does take a little time to get your desired end result, but it is worth it.  Tasting fresh hot bread out of the oven made with fresh flour is indescribable.  If your flour needs are for a small family then this would work well. If you are baking numerous loaves of bread and pastry for a large family then an electric model is in order.  Buy lots of butter. 

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Mary Dahlberg has been active with food preparation her whole life. Her mother had a step stool for Mary to be right by her side in the kitchen learning good techniques early on. Her delight to please the palettes of others took Mary into healthcare management of food and nutrition services for over 20 years.  Mary and her husband now own Food Tools Plus, an e-commerce site to offer quality food preparation equipment. They carry a range of Home Grain Mills to fit the need of anyone.  

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Victorio Hand Grain Mill

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This article was published on 2010/10/22